Day four morning walk to the park.

This park is just across the street from our motel and it has a few interesting things going on each morning. This morning we saw some dancing and a display of local people using swords ( but not fighting). Local Mums and Dads also place umbrellas out in a line wth the details      Of unmarried sons or dughters that they would like to see married!

After that we went to an area where people can exercise. I got a neck and shoulder massage from an 85 year old man who can still do chin up and push ups, he was so strong that my shoulders are still sore( in a good way)

Day 4

Today at 7pmour group went to a near by restaurant for tea. The teachers ordered meals for us and one surprise dish, once everyone tried it they told us it was bull frog! 🐸  Everyone was put off it. 😎.  My best thing was he pearl tower and the big green bus, because of the good view and mr schaeche losing his hat as it was funny. I also do not enjoy writing blog posts. ( thanks mum ).


Yesterday we went to the insect market, it was the worst thing in the world. It was cruel and demented should be illegal for the following reasons, there were too many animals in one cage and they were inpailed birds to stop birds to fly. Not recommending it to anyone.


Today when we went out for lunch we ordered spring rolls, dumplings,beef and pork. The best thing so far was the insect market because there were bugs trapped and they were suffering (I hate bugs).

But one of the reasons why I didn’t like it was because they trapped up the cutest little puppies in cages. I cried when I left them because they were whimpering!😢


Today at the markets I bought my family heaps of stuff. For dinner today we had rice,chicken, pork, noodles and the surprise dish was bull frog. We went on the big red bus today and it was loads of fun. I really miss my family but I will survive ( I think )


So today we went to the the  Shanghi Planning Musem. It had some really cool exhibits and lots of interactive quizzes and games. There was a room that you could walk into and it would give you an animated visual of the Shanghai area. It spoke ENGLISH too. I also ate some Kermit the Frog( Bull Frog). It sort of tasted weird and it put me off a little. Tomorrow we are travelling to Suzhou which is the town of our sister school. I will tell you lots about it soon.