Day 6 at Wencui primary.

This morning we were driven to Wencui Primary School to begin our 2nd and last day at the school. Quarry Hill joined our Chinese student Alice and her class in PE and Chinese paper cuts and folding. We then had lunch in the canteen with everyone and after lunch we all got a group photo with Alice’s Class and teacher. We all had a great day and we got and gave lots of presents. Xie xie!


Day 6-school visits

Today we travel to Wencui primary school for half a day of activities. Some of the things that we will be doing today include:

Chinese paper cuts ( sounds painful!)


Pen calligraphy

Lunch in the school canteen

I’m sure we’ll have a great day. Have a look at the blog tomorrow for our photos of the day.😎🚴

Day 5 evening meal.

Tonight we braved the elements and went out for our evening meal. It was delicious as usual! Tomorrow we visit our sister school for half a day and then spend the rest of the day exploring our surroundings. Disappointingly it’s forecast to be just 22 degrees tomorrow( still a touch warmer than Bendigo I expect!) All the kids are travelling really well and they will have some great stories to tell you when they get home, like how Mr Schaeches hat blew off when we were on the bus tour.😂